Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini HD 720p

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Darker Than Black 2 has come!!! Next season – Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini
This anime serial broadcasting in HD 720p quality!!! Check out new series!

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 HD 720p

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The series was first announced at the 2009 Tokyo Anime Fair, denoting that it would replace Eden of the East in Fuji HDTV’s well-rated anime timeblock and would be co-produced by Bones.
This anime serial explains, what will be in Tokyo, if earthquake comes. It`s heroes – little sister & brother, which have casually got to the epicentre of disaster and motorcycle courier Mari, which helps children.
Anime “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0″ has 720p HD quality, thas why everybody can receive full impressions of watching this anime in HD.

Galaxy Express 999 3 Blu-Ray Films + 4 CD FLAC (Галактический экспресс 999/銀河鉄道999 Blu-Ray BOX + 4CD FLAC)

galaxy express 999 logo release new
In Blu-Ray Box there are 3 HD anime films, plus 4 CD, which i converted to FLAC. I release 3 720p anime BDrip`s, because this anime in 1080p won`t be in good HD quality (because Blu-Ray isn`t 1080p)

Kaiba (カイバ/Кайба) HD 720p

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This anime serial was broadcasted in HD 1080p format, but published were only 5 series. I have complete Kaiba series in HD 720p quality ^_^
Also you can read review here

Higashi no Eden (Восточный Эдем/東のエデン)

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Here some cute screens:
Higashi no Eden Screen 9 320x180 release Higashi no Eden Screen 10 320x180 release Higashi no Eden Screen 2 320x180 release Higashi no Eden Screen 3 320x180 release Higashi no Eden Screen 4 320x180 release Higashi no Eden Screen 5 320x180 release Higashi no Eden Screen 6 320x180 release Higashi no Eden Screen 7 320x180 release Higashi no Eden Screen 8 320x180 release Higashi no Eden Screen 1 320x180 release
Higashi no Eden – new anime from director of Ghost In The Shell Kamiyama Kenji. This anime contains 11 HDTV series + full length movie in cinema (end of 2009). Here is plot:
On November 22, 2010 ten missiles strike Japan. However, this unprecedented terrorist act, later to be called as “Careless Monday,” does not result in any apparent victims, and is soon forgotten by almost everyone. Then, 3 months later… Saki Morimi is a young woman currently in the United States of America on her graduation trip. But just when she is in front of the White House, Washington DC, she gets into trouble, and only the unexpected intervention of one of her fellow countrymen saves her. However, this man, who introduces himself as Akira Takizawa, is a complete mystery. He appears to have lost his memory and he is stark naked, except for the gun he holds in one hand, and the mobile phone he’s holding with the other hand. A phone that is charged with 8,200,000,000 yen in digital cash.

Последняя Фантазия 7 : Дети Пришествия Полная Версия (FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE) BD-Remux

untitled 1 release
Вот парочка скринов:
c2jv2g4hql 320x180 release asrl1otunt 320x180 release 31vp7t4y7m 320x180 release dqoyfsnl1r 320x180 release

Небесные тихоходы (The Sky Crawlers/スカイ・クロラ) BDrip

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01 08 38 320x180 release new 00 56 42 320x180 release new 00 44 46 320x180 release new 00 20 53 320x180 release new 00 05 58 320x180 release new 01 23 34 320x180 release new
Небесные тихиходы – новый полнометраж от создателея серии “Призрак в доспехах (Ghost in the shell)”.
Этот аниме был показан на венецианском кинофестивале, где получил получительные отзывы.
Всем поклонникам аниме посвящается…

Акира (Akira/アキラ) BDrip

akira posterbig release
akira bd remux 1080p 6ch ac3 rus dts jap rus subs ts018 320x180 release akira bd remux 1080p 6ch ac3 rus dts jap rus subs ts016 320x180 release akira bd remux 1080p 6ch ac3 rus dts jap rus subs ts010 320x180 release akira bd remux 1080p 6ch ac3 rus dts jap rus subs ts004 320x180 release
Год 1988. Огромный взрыв наподобие тех, что без малого полвека назад сотрясли Хиросиму и Нагасаки, стирает Токио с лица земли. Нью-Токио 2019 года, восставшее из пепла, словно тёмный Феникс. Организация страны теперь напоминает тоталитарное государство, железной рукой подавляющее подпольное Сопротивление. В исследовательских центрах проводятся парапсихологические опыты над людьми для разработки совершенного вида оружия. А в стране возникает религиозный культ сверхчеловека по имени Акира, приход которого, якобы, решит все проблемы Японии. В центре повествования – банда байкеров-подростков во главе с лихачом Канэдой. В очередной разборке с соперниками друг Канэды Тэцуо пытается доказать товарищам свою доблесть, но неожиданно для себя оказывается вовлечённым в правительственный эксперимент по извлечению энергии Акиры. Тэцуо становится обладателем силы, способной полностью разрушить Нью-Токио.

Актриса тысячелетия (Millennium Actress/千年女優 ) 720p

mill release


Призрак в доспехах 2.0 (Ghost in the shell 2.0/攻殻機動隊 2.0) 720p

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gits20 1 320x180 release new gits20 2 320x180 release new gits20 3 320x180 release new gits20 4 320x180 release new