Colorful Movie

colorful release
Please welcome!
Sorry for late release. Our group are very busy today.


Animal Crossing (1080p)

animalcrossing release
Please welcome!
This is 2006 year movie, but it looks pretty. Perfect for family watching.

P.S. Sorry for logo – I can`t find better one.

Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo (Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below/星を追う子ども) HD Trailer

sayonara 1 new
Exclusive on Grohotun.com

Trailer on Youtube

The Borrower Arrietty Trailer&TVspot (Karigurashi no Arrietty)

karigurashinoarrietty 1 new

Check out new 2min HD trailer of The Borrower Arrietty anime:

And also new 30 sec The Borrower Arrietty HDTV spot:

I`m waiting for this!!!!

Eden of the East (Higashi no Eden) Movie 2

higashi no eden release
Yahooooo!!! Finally Eden of the East Movie II come to Blu-Ray!!
I was waiting for it so long…
Ok, here short story – this movie shows story after 11 episodes of serial (you can find hd version too). Saki goes to USA to find Takizawa-kun`a to bring him to Japan. But it is not easy to make – Akira don`t remember himself (he take new name).
Those who cannot suffer more – download it!


Ponyo on a cliff BDrip 720p & 1080p

cover ponyo bd making of release

Here screen (hd 720p)gallery:

Some days ago was released Ponyo on a Cliff Blu-Ray edition.

Darker Than Black BDrip 720p & 1080p

darkerthanblack logo release
Finally Darker Than Black anime serial has come to Blu-Ray!!!
Yes! This anime have 720p hd quality, but I made 720 & 1080p BDrips…

Nasu Suitcase no Wataridori (茄子 スーツケースの渡り鳥/Насу: Перелетная птица с чемоданом) HD

logo release
Nasu Suitcase no Wataridori – new sport-style anime from Kousaka Kitaro, who controls animation in Ponyo on a cliff anime. This anime was broadcasted in HD 1080p format last year. Now with eng&rus subtitles everybody can download this anime by torrent in HD quality.

Eureka Seven Psalms of Planets (Эврика 7: Псалмы Планет/交響詩篇 エウレカセブン)

eureka7 release
Немного скриншотов (Some Screens):
grohotuncom eureka 7 25 bd x264 1440x1080 aacmp4038 320x180 release grohotuncom eureka 7 06 bd x264 1440x1080 aacmp4032 320x180 release grohotuncom eureka 7 06 bd x264 1440x1080 aacmp4022 320x180 release grohotuncom eureka 7 41 bd x264 1440x1080 aacmp4013 320x180 release

Последняя Фантазия 7 : Дети Пришествия Полная Версия (FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE) BD-Remux

untitled 1 release
Вот парочка скринов:
c2jv2g4hql 320x180 release asrl1otunt 320x180 release 31vp7t4y7m 320x180 release dqoyfsnl1r 320x180 release