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Kaiba Review

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It all starts with the awakening: the main character opens his eyes in a strange place and was surprised to detect a hole in his chest. The next moment he is attacked by hunters, collectors memory of nearby village, but he saves by robot ostrich. Terrorists helps a stranger to enter the ship. Ahead of a long journey from planet to planet, search for your name, memory and place in life.
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In this world, people turn to their memories as a commodity: they can be sold, stolen, altered, transplanted into another body – precious natural or artificially cheaper. Those who are honest and kind, now and then become a victim of other people’s calculations or perverted desires. Team noble criminals to conduct attacks, but such methods do not always lead to positive results. Protagonist against his will falls into the center of the struggle. He does not know himself, but, faced with the pain of this world, ready to make their choice.
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Despite the emphasis «naive» visual style, the psychology, emotional glow and drama series that surpasses many realistic works. Particular attention is paid to the themes of cyberpunk: What is soul? What is love? What is the most important thing for a man? ..

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