Brave Story Review

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Brave Story Review

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Once, having come home, Vataru has found the mum lying on a floor. It has appeared that mum is very strongly sick, and to find means for its treatment very difficult, but the casual meeting with new schoolmate Ashikava has changed all. It has appeared that there is a parallel world, and each traveler which will collect for the merits of 5 shone spheres, any desire can grant. Ashikava became the magician, and has wanted to execute the dream – to revive the little sister Ay which it has lost in the near childhood.

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All anything, but for execution of the desire, Ashikava was necessary to transform the parallel world into chaos in which at Vataru new friends already had time to appear. In the ending, having collected all necessary spheres, Vataru chooses what better to save the parallel world, instead of to change the the presents in the real world for that has occurred, that not to change. As a result in the real and parallel world there was all was normalised – at Vataru mother has recovered, and at Ashikava has gone to play with the sister.

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«Bravery Story» – one of the best full-length anime films from studio Gonzo. Full, juicy, beautiful colours together with a kind plot have made the business – the people who have looked the given full-length anime have received a portion of kind emotions. Chigira Koichi, the author of a remarkable serial “Exile”, could create so universal аниме, what even Miyazaki could envy. It is recommended to all to viewing.