Sora No Woto

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Today Sora no woto (Blu-Ray Vol.1) arrives to our local shops & I tried to make high quality BDrip 720p (maybe 1080p rip too) for my lovely web-audience. I`ll plan to release all series in hd from all Blu-Ray disks.

For many years the world has been shaken war, and now many countries, including the Republic of Helvetia, lie in ruins. Nevertheless, life goes on, and the child of the war years Kanata Sorami enters the army to pursue his dream – to play the trumpet. Needless to say, that the heroine has perfect pitch, naively simple character and tremendous dedication. Fate leads her to the mountain town Seyze, which protects the old time fortress. Here only the war is over, now garrison consisted of only four cute girls, led by captain Felicia Haydeman and Sergeant Rio Kazumi. Joining him, Kanata quickly realized that I have found a new family, which includes not only new friends in the service, but almost all local residents.

Only not so simple in the mountainous region. Very soon, friendship, music, mysticism and ancient legends give birth to this exciting story …

Sora no woto – 01 (BDrip 720p AC3) 465 Mb
Sora no woto – 02 (BDrip 720p AC3) 443 Mb
Sora no woto – 03 (BDrip 720p AC3) 441 Mb
Sora no woto – 04 (BDrip 720p AC3) 469 Mb
Sora no woto – 05 (BDrip 720p AC3) 558 Mb
Sora no woto – 06 (BDrip 720p AC3) 486 Mb
Sora no woto – 07 (BDrip 720p AC3) 473 Mb
Sora no woto – 08 (BDrip 720p AC3) 504 Mb
If you have problems with fonts U can download here.
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