Ponyo on a cliff (崖の上のポニ / Рыбка Поньо на утесе) DVDrip

Ponyo On A Cliff release
Here screen gallery:


Yesterday was released japanise DVD – today I release DVDrip. (Waiting for Blu-Ray edition)
Here`s plot:
A young boy, Sousuke, befriends a strange looking goldfish whom he names Ponyo. Unbeknownst to Sousuke, Ponyo is a magic fish who has decided that she wants to live with Sōsuke and the other humans. Unfortunately, Ponyo’s decision to give up her underwater life creates a crack in an ancient magic spell, and places the world in danger. Together, Sousuke and Ponyo must set things right.
You can download this release via torrent Here (2.3 Gb)