Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo (Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below/星を追う子ども) HD Trailer

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Trailer on Youtube

The Borrower Arrietty Trailer&TVspot (Karigurashi no Arrietty)

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Check out new 2min HD trailer of The Borrower Arrietty anime:

And also new 30 sec The Borrower Arrietty HDTV spot:

I`m waiting for this!!!!

The Tatami Galaxy Opening/Ending

The Tatami Galaxy new
The Tatami Galaxy (Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei / 四畳半神話大系) – it`s new anime from Yuasa Masaaki – author of Kaiba (do you remember this amazing anime?)
This anime broadcasts on HD Fuji TV channel.
Opening is performed by Asian Kung-Fu Generation – one of famous japanese group. Song is named “Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat”

Ending is performed by Yakushimaru Etsuko. Name of song – “Kami-sama no Iu Toori”

In future I`ll plan to release BDrip`s

FINAL FANTASY XIII Original Soundtrack Lossless (FLAC 4 CD + PLUS )

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Final Fantasy series – one of the most known game serie in the world. It has so many fans, that it`s hard to calculate them all.
My first experience was Final Fantasy VIII (PC 4cd port). Since then I try to play all released versions of the game. Today I`m waiting for european release of FFXIII.
Some days ago was released FFXIII OST – It`s amazing as always.
Now everybody can download OST for listening this fantastic artwork.

Eden of The East : Paradise Lost Trailer

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Second movie – Paradise Lost is coming March 2010.
First movie – King of the Eden will be released on Blu-Ray 24.03.2010
There is new trailer of that new movie:


Eden of The East / Higashi no Eden/ 東のエデン : the Movies

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Eden of The East / Higashi no Eden/ 東のエデン has 11 episodes. Of course 11 Episodes is not enough to tell the full story of the series.
Production I.G announced two movies to complete the story.
The first movie, The King of Eden will be on shown on November 28 2009 and the second one Paradise Lost is coming 2010 January.

There is new trailer of that new movies:


Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini HD 720p

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Darker Than Black 2 has come!!! Next season – Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini
This anime serial broadcasting in HD 720p quality!!! Check out new series!

Galaxy Express 999 3 Blu-Ray Films + 4 CD FLAC (Галактический экспресс 999/銀河鉄道999 Blu-Ray BOX + 4CD FLAC)

galaxy express 999 logo release new
In Blu-Ray Box there are 3 HD anime films, plus 4 CD, which i converted to FLAC. I release 3 720p anime BDrip`s, because this anime in 1080p won`t be in good HD quality (because Blu-Ray isn`t 1080p)

Darker than black 2 CM (TV commercial)

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Yesterday this Darker than Black 2 CM has been shown. I think that thousands fans of a serial with impatience are waiting for broadcast new series of Darker than Black anime serial in HD.
Here it is ^_^:


Небесные тихоходы – 2 ролика (The Sky Crawlers/スカイ・クロラ – 2 PV) 1080p

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grohotuncom the sky crawlers promo 1 1080p h264 2 chts016 320x180 release new grohotuncom the sky crawlers promo 1 1080p h264 2 chts013 320x180 release new grohotuncom the sky crawlers promo 2 1080p h264 6 chts009 320x180 release new grohotuncom the sky crawlers promo 2 1080p h264 6 chts003 320x180 release new
2 PV из The Sky Crawlers Blu-Ray диска.
Скачать ролики (1,11GB)